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SeaWorld’s Abu Dhabi Park Still on Track for 2022 Opening

COVID-19 has slowed down a lot of construction projects and has changed travel plans. As such, many people are curious to see how large scale projects, such as SeaWorld’s new park in Abu Dhabi, are handling these changes. Right now, approximately 40 percent of construction has been completed in the park, and it is expected that it will be ready for the projected opening date in the winter of 2022. Read on to get answers to a few of the other questions you may have about this project.

Where Is Abu Dhabi SeaWorld Going?

Abu Dhabi SeaWorld is going to be located on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. If this island sounds familiar, it should. It is home to many other amusement attractions in the area, including the roller coaster-heavy Ferrari World, Yas Waterworld water park, and the completely indoor Warner Bros. World amusement park. The island is still under construction with other major attractions, including Miral’s Yas Island resort development. Once completed, this entire development is set to include a megamall with many world-famous stores, a luxury marina with boat rentals, a world-class golf course, a Grand Prix race track, and seven hotels.

Scott Ross, Founder and Managing Partner of Hill Path Capital, the majority owner of SeaWorld, and, the Chairman of SeaWorld Entertainment, commented on the new park location. “Yas Island is a visionary and transformational project and is already becoming a landmark destination for global travelers.”

Once the entire project is completed, Abu Dhabi hopes that this will become a family-friendly vacation destination with unique experiences that will set it apart from other amusement parks in the world.

What Sets SeaWorld Abu Dhabi Apart From Other SeaWorlds?

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi is a large project and a groundbreaking one in many different ways. It is the first SeaWorld to be constructed in over 30 years and the first to be built outside of North America. The project will also be the first marine rescue, research, rehabilitation, and return center in the area. While COVID-19 has slowed down many different projects, SeaWorld Abu Dhabi has avoided that fate and is still on course for its projected opening late in 2022.

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