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She Was 49 and the Lockdown Killed Her

By R. Mitchell

The pandemic lockdowns will hopefully be remembered in history as one of the most destructive forces in America’s history. For me, like many Americans, the costs are VERY personal and tragically real.

I learned Thursday evening that my little sister died. She didn’t die of Coronavirus or even some comorbidity or whatever. She died from .. the lockdown and the toll it took on her way of life.

She was 49 and the lockdown killed her.

She was a paralegal at a law firm that had precious few hours to give her since the court system in her very large city shut down. It shut down, as the rest of the city did, as an ordered response to COVID-19. Since then, she hasn’t been able to afford her very meager lifestyle. I could hear the sadness in her voice each week when we talked on the phone.

Not being able to work, go out with friends, visit family … survive – it all weighed on her. She wouldn’t even accept a free trip to visit us – likely because she felt ashamed that she couldn’t afford it herself.

We don’t know for sure yet, but I think she just stopped taking her insulin. Maybe she decided to let a now impossibly difficult life slip away rather than face the growing mountain of shit that politicians and their useless lockdowns left at her small apartment door.

She was 49 and politicians killed her.

But the cost of the lockdowns isn’t limited to my little sister. My business and businesses owned by family and friends have been decimated by the economic costs of the lockdowns. I worry that losing my sister will only be the tip of a catastrophically cruel iceberg. A catastrophe that newly-proposed economic policies will likely make even worse. How many lives have the lockdowns taken and how many more will they cost?

Restaurants, stores, and shops have fallen silent leaving families – both the owners and their employees – to face financial ruin. Those owners put everything they had into those businesses and – in a politically-engineered recession – have nowhere else to go when they fail. All this has been directly caused by the terrible decisions made by bureaucrats to choose security over liberty and to promote political goals over fortunes, futures, and hope for everyone – especially my sister.

Suddenly, self-serving bureaucrats have decided to re-open their economies. Not because pandemic statistics improved, but simply because a Democrat got elected to the White House. For my little sister and others like her, their sudden reversal came way too late and was obviously political.

She was 49 and politicians killed her.

Go well into the arms of the Lord baby sister. I miss you already.

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R. Mitchell

Rich Mitchell is the editor-in-chief at Conservative Daily News, a Conservative political commentator, and a contributor at The Main Street Examiner. His views are his own and may not reflect those of the Main Street Examiner, its staff, leadership or ... much of anyone else. Find him on twitter, facebook and

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